With bicycle sharing,
You go where you like!

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What is bike sharing?

The bicycle sharing service lets you
rent a bicycle when you want to ride,
go where you want to go,
and then return it.
Anyone who registers in advance and has a membership card
(with Card key and smartphone key registration)
can rent a bicycle at a Bike Station by touching the IC card to the bicycle.
Why not try our classy red
easy-to-pedal motor-assisted bicycle
as a new alternative to
transportation by train or car?

  • POINT01

    You can rent right away!

    After the App registration,
    Your IC card or smart phone becomes a one-touch key for the bicycle.

  • POINT02

    Returning it at your destination

    No need to return it where you rented it;
    you can return it
    at a Bike Station near your destination.

  • POINT03

    Easy to ride

    Slopes are easy too
    with a motor-assisted bicycle.

  • POINT04

    Fully insured

    Bicycles are covered
    by various types of insurance.

NTT docomo bike share

Bicycles are immediately available through the official app.

This is the official app that lets you not only search nearby Bike Stations on a map but also register for each Community Cycle or get the latest information.

  • GET IT ON Google Play
  • Download on the App Store
  • GET IT ON Google Play
  • Download on the App Store

APPBike Share Service
Official App

The app shows you how many bicycles are at the bike port and how much battery power is left.
After registering as a member, you can check the history of your rides after using or returning the bike.

  • Bike Station

  • Route

  • Battery

  • Usage

  • GET IT ON Google Play
  • Download on the App Store
  • GET IT ON Google Play
  • Download on the App Store

Port installation

Why not install a docomo Bike Share port to attract customers to your facility or to utilize available space?

Ports can be installed without construction or initial cost. Removal after the trial is also easy. Please contact us for more information.

Why not implement a shared cycle business?

We are expanding our bike-sharing service in cooperation with local governments and local businesses nationwide.

We hope to be of service in improving living convenience, revitalizing the community, and achieving carbon neutrality.

We will make proposals based on docomo Bike Share know-how.

Please contact us for more information about our sharing business.