How to Register

Takes 5 or more minutes to register.
Please have your credit card ready when you register.
*Debit cards and prepaid cards are not accepted.

STEP1What you need

  • Smartphone
  • Credit card

*A smartphone capable of receiving SMS is required.

Please see the dedicated page on how to purchase a 1-day pass and how to borrow and return it.

*It is more convenient to register your IC card or your smart phone as a key (registration is optional).

>>Card Key and Smart Phone Key Registration

STEP2Download the app

Download the "Bike Share Service" app from the App Store or Google Play, and register as a member.
The app can be downloaded from the button below.
*If you already have an ID and password, you can use the service without registering as a new member.
*When you log in to the application for the first time, you will need to set up your my area. Please be sure to select your requested area.

  • GET IT ON Google Play
  • Download on the App Store


(1) Select the type of account you use

Payment for "Use with Bike Share Account" is by credit card only.
If you choose "Use with d-account," you can choose d-payment (combined payment of docomo phone charges).

(2) Select My Area

My Area is the area that you mainly use.An account with a bike share operator in the area you set as "My Area" will be created and you will receive notifications according to your area.You can set up a monthly plan only in My Area.

Service is available nationwide, even outside of the areas specified in My Area (excluding some areas).For more information, please click here.

*My Area cannot be changed later.
*One bike can be used per an account.

(3)Enter your membership information.

Please follow the instructions on the screen to enter your membership information.
Please follow the on-screen instructions to enter your membership information.
*You will need to obtain an "authentication code" that will be sent to your cell phone number.

(4)Select your price plan.

Please select your price plan.
For plan details, please refer to the rate plan page.
*After registering, you can change your plan from the "Account" menu(limited number of plan changes per month).

(5)Select a payment method.

You can use a credit card or d-Barai.
d-Barai is not available in some areas. For more details, please select the area you are planning to use and check the details.
*Debit cards and prepaid cards are not accepted.

POINTMore convenient to register IC cards and smart phones!

If you register your IC card or smartphone as a key, you can unlock your bicycle by simply pressing the START button on the key and then holding it over the lock to start using the bicycle.

From the account screen of the app, select "Card Key / Smartphone Key Registration" and follow the on-screen instructions to register.

*IC cards cannot be used for payment.
The usage fee can be paid by credit card or d-Barai(docomo phone bill total payment).The IC card and your smartphone can be used as a key to unlock the bicycle.

For details on how to register your your card key or smartphone, please refer to the following page.