How to Use Bike Share

NTT docomo bike share

Register as a member through the official app to get immediate access to the bikes.
It is easy to check the number of bicycles in the cycle port and the battery level.
You can also check your ride history after use.

*Compatible with Android 8.0 or later and iOS 13 or later devices

  • Bike Station

  • Route

  • Battery

  • Usage

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For customers who use the Bike Share service via web my page

Web my page will close on February 12, 2023.
Your account will continue to be available, so please log in from the official app to use it.
*If you are a monthly member, please log in with your monthly membership account for the area you wish to use before using the service.
For more information, click here.

*When you log in to the application for the first time, you will need to set up your my area. Please be sure to select your requested area. 
Until the end of web my page, existing members can log in to web my page from here.

What you need to use the service

  • Smartphone
  • Credit card
  • IC card

Please register as a member with the application after preparing the above information.

How to rent a bike

■Square keys


Reserve a bike or select a square key from the unlock menu to get a 4-digit passcode.


Press the "START" button.


Enter the passcode (4 digits)
*If you are using an IC card, you do not need to enter the passcode.


Key unlocked and ready to use.

■Round keys


Reserve a bike or select a round key from the Unlock menu to display the QR code scanning screen.


Press the "START" button.


Read the QR code.
*If you are using an IC card, please open the lock by holding the card over your head.


Key unlocked and ready to use.

How to return a bike

"Manually lock the door at the rear of the bicycle.
*If the key is difficult to lock, try moving the rear wheel slightly. The spokes may interfere with the key and prevent it from locking."

For square keys, press the "ENTER" button on the bike, and when the panel displays "Return", the key is returned.
For round keys, press the "Return" button when the "Returnable" light on the bicycle glows and the ring glows blue to complete the return.

After your return, you will receive a push notification on the app.
You can also check your usage history.

NTT docomo bike share

Bicycles are immediately available through the official app.

It is easy to search for port information in your area and check the latest news.

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  • Download on the App Store

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How do I borrow a bicycle?
After installing the application and registering as a member, the bicycle can be unlocked and used by reading the QR code from the application on the operation panel of the bicycle, or by holding up a registered smartphone or IC card. The bicycles are located at Bike Stations (bicycle parking areas).
Membership registration here
How to register your membership card

* Request for vehicle inspection and battery level check before boarding
When using the share cycle, please be sure to inspect the vehicle before boarding for safety.
In particular, the following points may lead to an accident while riding, so please check with particular emphasis.
1. Is the saddle extremely high?
Is the rod part of the saddle inserted in the vehicle body at least 12 cm?
* There is a limit line on the bar that does not allow the saddle to be raised any further.
2. Does the brake work properly on both sides?
Hold the brake lever and check if there is a gap of 3 cm or more with the steering wheel.
3. Is the tire flat?
④ Is there enough battery left?
If the battery runs out, you will not be able to unlock it after temporarily parking the bicycle, or you will not be able to return it and an excess charge will be incurred.

We patrol and collect and repair the broken vehicle, but due to the mechanism of the share cycle, the vehicle is returned when the previous user raised the saddle too much or punctured. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please be sure to check the above before using the vehicle, and if there are any deficiencies, please use another vehicle.
* If you return it to the same port within 5 minutes after unlocking, there is no usage fee.
Q.How can I register for membership?
Please check "How to register" .
Q.How do I unlock and lock the key including new type?
Using a card key
Unlocking: Press the "START" button and hold the registered card key (IC card, etc.) on the control panel.
Locking: Manually lock the rear wheel of the bicycle.
Press "ENTER" to complete the return.
For square keys, "Return" is displayed on the panel. For round keys, return is completed when the ring glows blue.

In case of using a key other than a card key
[Square key]
To open the lock, press "START" on the control panel and enter the "lock opening passcode" issued at the time of reservation.

[Round key]
Unlocking: If you are using the app "Bike Share Service", please follow the on-screen instructions of the app to scan the QR code.
If you are using the website, follow the on-screen instructions and press the "Unlock Bicycle" button.

Locking: Manually lock the rear wheel of the bicycle.
Press "ENTER" to complete the return.
For square keys, "Return" is displayed on the panel. For round keys, return is completed when the ring glows blue.
Q.What if I want to change IC card?
If you want to change the IC card you use to rent a bicycle, refer to the method of borrowing and returning, please re-register the IC card with the FeliCa IC chip for the first time.
Q.What should I do I do if have had an accident?
(1) Submit a report to the police (and call 119 if there are injured people),
(2) Contact the support center (0570-783-677)
All customers are covered by damage insurance for accidents that occur while they use the bicycle, but any costs not covered by the insurance must be borne by the customer.
* Insurance premiums are included in the user fees for the rental service.

If you have an accident while using the bicycle, please promptly contact the support center and tell us when (date and time) and where the accident occurred, how it happened, the situation about the accident, etc. Also, if necessary, contact the police and take measures as prescribed by law.

If legal arrangements become necessary, you must take responsibility for fulfilling those requirements on your own. In addition to the above, if DOCOMO BIKESHARE suffers damage, for example if we are sued by a third party and become liable for compensation, we may invoice you for that compensation.
*It cannot be used from prepaid mobile phones, some IP phones, public phones.
If you are unable to contact Navidial, please contact us by email.

Please ride bicycles observing traffic rules and manners.