About port installation

Ports can be installed without installation and at an initial cost of 0 yen.
Easy to remove after trial!
Please contact us.

Advantages of installing a cycle port

No cost sharing!No preparation required to install ports

Simply provide us with the location and we can install the port immediately.
Once opened, management staff will patrol the area, reassigning bicycles, performing maintenance, and cleaning each port.

Effective use of available space

It is an effective use of available space for abandoned companies, condominium bicycle parking, bicycle countermeasures, etc.

By installing a bike port, you can use the service without owning a bicycle.

Attract more customers by increasing attractiveness

Installation of ports will increase opportunities for users to use stores and facilities, and will also attract new customers.

Installing ports in condominiums and other housing complexes can also help improve occupancy rates.

Other benefits include!

You can make effective use of available space and monetize it without hassle.

By installing a cycle port, we can respond to inbound travel and promote our products and services to overseas visitors.

By installing a port, you can contribute to CO2 reduction and work toward the SDGs.

Port Installation Case Study

Case 1:
Public space


Ports can be installed on public open space in joint project areas with municipalities (except in some areas).


Case 2:


Installation of ports at lodging facilities will improve access to nearby tourist attractions.

Mitsui Garden Hotel
Jingugaien Tokyo PREMIER

Case 3:
Housing complex


Installation on the premises of apartment complexes will improve convenience for residents and occupancy rates.

Coral Senzokuike

We will propose a cycle port layout that fits the customer space.
Please feel free to contact us first.

Steps to install a port

There are only two steps to opening a port. Trials are welcome.

(1) Layout proposal

  • Upon receiving an introduction of a candidate
    property for installation,
    our staff will check the site, prepare a layout (draft),
    and make a proposal.

(2) Port installatio

  • Bicycle racks will not be anchored to the floor.
    No power supply work is required.
  • For 10 racks, the time required
    for installation is approximately 1 hour.
    There are no installation costs.