Rate plan

If you unlock, the fee will be charged until the return is completed.
You can also change the rate plan from the app after membership registration.

  • * The bicycle cannot be returned outside a Bike Station.
  • * Extension fees are charged while the bicycle is parked outside a Bike Station.

Price is tax included.

The rate plan can be selected on the App (Member Registration)
* Change of plan is also possible.

One time memberWant to try it?

165 yen

Basic fees
0yen per mon.
First 60 minutes
165yen per time
Extended Fee
(When it exceeds 60 minutes)
165Yen /30 minutes

After the first 60 minutes, 30 yen will be charged per use (within 165 minutes).* 1

Credit card · d-Barai*3

1-day passPurchase on the Web

1,056 yen

Basic fees
0yen per mon.
First 60 minutes
0yen per time

Unlimited rides for 1,056 yen/day
Available from here.* 2

 Until 23:59 of the day

Credit card

1-day passPurchase at Convenience Stores

1,056 yen

Basic fees
0yen per mon.
First 60 minutes
0yen per time

Available at Seven-Eleven and Family Mart stores nationwide.For more information, please visit here.* 2

 Until 23:59 of the day

Cash, Credit Card, Others

  • * 1 Extended fee 165 yen will be charged if one use exceeds 60 minutes.
  • * 2Until 23:59 on the day of use. Smart phone and credit card are required.
  • * 3d-Barai is a combined payment method for DOCOMO phone bills. (This service is only available to DOCOMO line contract holders and is not eligible for d-points.)

Smartphone / credit card / (IC card)
d-Barai can also be used.
If you have an IC card, you can use it more conveniently!

Card that can be registered as a card key or smart phone key

  • Public transport IC card

* Payment of the service fee is withdrawn by the credit card registered as a member.


Time period for use

This is a 24-hour service.However, some Bike Stations are available only during certain business hours, while others may not be operational.
Please check the port map.

Cautionary notes

■ 1-day pass
Since 1 day pass can be used any number of times until 23:59 on the day of purchase, please return it to the cycle port once if you can not use the bicycle for a long time.
■ Parking
When parking, please use Cycle Port, please use the parking facilities of the visiting destination. If the bicycle is removed as an illegal bicycle without stopping at the cycle port or the bicycle parking lot, it is necessary for the customer to take over at the burden of the customer.