Renting and Returning

STEP1What you need

  • Smartphone
  • Credit card

*A smartphone capable of receiving SMS is required.

Please see the dedicated page on how to purchase a 1-day pass and how to borrow and return it.

*It is more convenient to register your IC card or your smart phone as a key (registration is optional).


STEP2Download the app

Please download the "Bike Share Service" app from the App Store or Google Play and register as a member.
In order to use this service, you will need a smartphone that can receive SMS.
*You will need to obtain an "authentication code" that will be sent to your cell phone number.
The application can be downloaded from the button below.
*If you already have an ID and password, you can use the service without registering as a new member.
*When you log in to the application for the first time, you will need to set up your my area. Please be sure to select your requested area.

  • GET IT ON Google Play
  • Download on the App Store

STEP3Using a bicycle in simple steps

Open the app and reserve a bike from the port details, or select the type of key from the ""Unlock"" menu, then follow the instructions below to start using the service.
*The unlocking method differs depending on the type of bicycle key.
*The usage of the 1-day pass card is the same as that of the IC card.

■Square control panel


Reserve a bike or select a square control panel from the unlock menu to get a 4-digit passcode.


Press the "START" button.


Enter the passcode (4 digits)
*If you are using an IC card, you do not need to enter the passcode.


Key unlocked and ready to use.

■Round control panel


Reserve a bike or select a round control panel from the Unlock menu to display the QR code scanning screen.


Press the "START" button.


Read the QR code.
*If you are using an IC card, please open the lock by holding the card over your head.


Key unlocked and ready to use.



POINTRegister your IC card or your smart phone for more convenience!

"If you register your IC card or smartphone as a key, you can unlock your bicycle by simply pressing the START button on the key and then holding it over the lock to start using the bicycle.
*You will be charged for opening the lock.
*You can start using the bicycle by holding the card over the bicycle you have reserved through the website. You do not need to enter the 4-digit passcode or read the QR code.
*IC cards cannot be used for payment.
The usage fee can be paid by credit card or d-Barai(docomo phone bill total payment).The IC card and your smartphone can be used as a key to unlock the bicycle.

Select "Register Membership Card" from the pull-down menu of "Change Membership Information" in My Page, press "Decide," and follow the on-screen instructions to register."

STEP4Temporary parking

Manually lock the door at the rear of the bicycle.
*When locking is completed, a "lock confirmation notification" will be sent to your registered e-mail address.
*The locking method differs depending on the type of key.
*You will be charged a fee even while temporarily parking your bicycle.
*If the lock has an orange knob, hold it down while locking.You will be charged a fee even while temporarily parking your bicycle.

Press the "START" button on the bike and unlock it in the same way you did when you borrowed it, then resume using it.


"Park the bicycle in the cycle port and manually lock it at the rear of the bicycle.
*If the key is difficult to lock, try moving the rear wheel slightly. The spokes may interfere with the key and prevent it from locking."

For the square key, press the "ENTER" button on the bicycle, and when "Return" appears on the panel, the return is complete.
The round operation terminal is completed when the "Returnable" light on the bicycle glows, press the "Return" button, and the ring turns blue.
Please check the Notification > Notification to You in the app menu to receive a notification that your return has been completed.
When the return is completed, a "Return Complete" e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

POINTHow to use an electric motor-assisted bicycle

(1) Please turn on the power and check the charge level before riding.

(2) Turn on the light at night.

(3)Do not pedal for about 2 seconds, and then wait before riding.

*The assist system is activated from the start of the ride, so please be careful when pedaling.
*For those who are 145cm or taller.

POINTMain points you check before riding the bicycle

Be sure the saddle is at a height where your toes touch the ground, and that it is secured tightly.

(2)Remaining battery charge
Be sure there is more than enough battery charge for the distance you plan to ride.

(3)Are the brake shoes tight?
Be sure the brake levers do not touch the handle bar when the wheels are locked.

(4)Be sure the handle bars have no problems.
Be sure the handle bars are perpendicular to the front wheel and are not loose, and that the handle bar cover can't be removed.

Be sure the bell rings.

(6)Attachment operation panel
Square type: Green light blinks when START button is pressed and "Card/Code" is displayed.
Round type: The ring flashes blue when the start button is pressed.

(7)Air pressure in tires
Press the tires to be sure there is enough air in them (no denting when you press).

When using the share cycle, please be sure to inspect the vehicle before boarding for safety.
In particular, the following points may lead to an accident while riding, so please check with particular emphasis.
(1)Do not make the saddle extremely high.
Is the rod part of the saddle inserted at least 12 cm into the vehicle body?
*There is a limit line on the rod part that does not allow the saddle to be raised any further.

(2)Make sure that the brakes work properly on both the left and right sides.
Hold the brake lever and check if there is a gap of 3 cm or more with the steering wheel.

(3)Make sure the tires are well inflated.

(4)Battery level is zero?
*If the battery level is zero, it may not be returned.
For vehicles that are out of order, we patrol and collect and repair them. However, due to the structure of the share cycle, there are cases where the previous user has returned the saddle with the saddle raised too much or punctured. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please be sure to check the above before using, and if there are any deficiencies, please use another vehicle
If you return the device to the same port within 5 minutes of opening the door, you will not be charged for the service.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation in order to ensure safe use of the service.