What is Bike Share?

An eco-friendly, healthy and stress-free way to enjoy Tokyo area.

Rate Plans

VISA,Master,JCB,Amex,dinersCredit cards are accepted for payment.

You can select a plan from below (Tax is included).


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How to Register

You can easily register for membership by PC/Mobile, 24/7.

Upon registering for membership, you can use variety of useful functions with reasonable price.

Firstly, please prepare, Mobile phone which can receive e-mail & Credit Card (for payment)

Mobile phone


Credit Card (for payment)


Registering Using PC, Mobile Phone (For One Trip/Monthly Membership)

(1) You can register for membership by PC or Mobile phone.

(2) Fill out your payment information and the registration process will be finished.

How to Use the Service

How to Rent a Bicycle

You can rent a bicycle in two ways.
1. Rent with a passcode.
2. Rent with an IC card(Felica).

Rent a bicycle with a passcode.

(1) Rent a bicycle by issuing an unlocking passcode.

(2) Next, press the “START” button and enter the passcode on the device of the bicycle.

Rent a bicycle with an IC card (Felica)

(1) Get the password for IC card registration.

(2) Register your own IC Card.

③Press the ”START” button and then tap your IC card on the IC reader.

How to Return a Bicycle

(1) Park your bicycle at the designated station, lock the bicycle manually with the rear wheel key.
(2) Next, press the “ENTER” button on the device of a bicycle.

*Every station is equipped with special device which can identify bicycles. The green LED on the control panel flashes at returnable areas.


Parking bicycle for a while.

(1) Park a bicycle, and lock it manually.
(2) Resume using bicycle.

 You can register for membership here

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