What is “Community Cycle (Bicycle Sharing)”?

An eco-friendly, healthy and stress-free way to enjoy Tokyo area.

Some of the materials (ex. Website, the user’s guide, e-mail) might be still offered only in Japanese, and several staffs only speak Japanese. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused by insufficient foreign language service.

Rental Fee・Operating Hours

VISA,Master,JCB,Amex,dinersPayment can be done by credit card only.

You can select a plan from below.

Plan Basic Fee Over Time Fee
One Day Pass
\953 plus tax /day
No additional charges
One Day Pass
(student discount)
\762 plus tax /day
No additional charges
One Day Pass
(time discount)
\477 plus tax
No additional charges
Monthly Membership \1,429 plus tax /month
The first 30 minutes:\0
Each additional 30 minutes:\96 plus tax
One Trip Membership \96 plus tax
/The First 60 minutes
Each additional 30 minutes:\96 plus tax

How to Register?

You can easily register for membership by PC/Mobile, 24/7.

Upon registering for membership, you can use variety of useful functions with reasonable price.

Firstly, please prepare,Mobile phone which can receive e-mail & Credit Card (for payment)

Mobile phone


Credit Card (for payment)


Registering Using PC, Mobile Phone (For 1 Trip/Monthly Members)

①You can register for membership by PC or Mobile phone.

②Fill out your payment information and the registration process will be finished.

How to Use the Service? (by bridgestone bikke)

How to Rent a Bicycle

You can rent a bicycle in two ways.
1. Get a passcode each time you rent a bicycle.
2. Register membership card(Felica) and use it easily just by placing the card on a device of a bicycle when you rent it.

Rent a bicycle by issuing an unlocking passcode.

①Rent a bicycle by issuing an unlocking passcode.

②Next, push the “start” button and enter the passcode on the device of the bicycle.

Rent a bicycle by registering membership card (Felica)


②Register your own Felica Card.

③Push the ”START” button and then touch your Felica card on the Felica reader.

How to Return a Bicycle

①Park your bicycle at the designated docking port, lock the bicycle by your hand.
②Next, push the “ENTER” button on the device of a bicycle.

※Every docking station is equipped with special device which can identify bicycles. Even if all docking rucks are full when you return a bicycle, it is okay to park it near the port as the return will be automatically identified.

Parking bicycle for a While.

①Park a bicycle, just lock the key.
②Resume using bicycle

 You can register for membership

Port Map

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