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What is Bike Share?

An eco-friendly, healthy and stress-free way to enjoy Tokyo area.

Rate Plans

VISA,Master,JCB,Amex,dinersCredit cards are accepted for payment.

You can select a plan from below.

Plan Basic Fee Over Time Fee
Individual (Tourist) 1- day Pass

[Counter *1]

1000 yen/ Day
(1080 yen including tax)
No additional charges
1- day Pass


Individual (Member) 1- day Membership \1,000 / day

(\1,080 with tax)

No additional charges
One Trip Membership ¥100/ The first 30 minitues
(108 yen including tax)

Each additional 30 min : \100 plus tax

(\108 with tax)

Monthly Membership ¥2,000 plus tax
(\2,160 with tax)
The First 30 min : \0
Each additional 30 min : \100 plus tax(\108 with tax)

*1. 1 day pass is sold at the following hotels and s\stores. Please see the store map.

1-day pass ticket counter

Station and 1-day pass counter Register machine
1-day pass counter 1-day pass counter for guests

How to Register

You can easily register for membership by PC/Mobile phone.

Upon registering for membership, you can use variety of useful functions with reasonable price.

Firstly, please prepare,Mobile phone which can receive e-mail & Credit Card (for payment)

Mobile phone


Credit Card (for payment)


Registering Using PC, Mobile Phone (For One Trip/Monthly Members)

①You can register for membership by PC or Mobile phone.

②Fill out your payment information and the registration process will be finished.

How to Use the Service

How to Rent a Bicycle

You can rent a bicycle in two ways.
1. Get a passcode each time you rent a bicycle.
2. Register membership card(Felica) and use it easily just by placing the card on a device of a bicycle when you rent it.

Rent a bicycle by issuing an unlocking passcode.

①Rent a bicycle by issuing an unlocking passcode.

②Next, push the “start” button and enter the passcode on the device of the bicycle.

Rent a bicycle by registering membership card (Felica)

①Get the Passcode for Felica card registration

②Register your own Felica Card.

③Push the ”START” button and then touch your Felica card on the Felica reader.

How to Return a Bicycle

①Park your bicycle at the designated docking port, lock the bicycle by your hand.
②Next, push the “ENTER” button on the device of a bicycle.

※Every docking station is equipped with special device which can identify bicycles. Even if all docking rucks are full when you return a bicycle, it is okay to park it near the port as the return will be automatically identified.

Parking bicycle for a While.

①Park a bicycle, just lock the key.
②Resume using bicycle

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 You can register for membership here

Station Map

Station  Station and and 1-day pass counter

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