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New electric bike rental service in Tohoku

New electric bike rental service in Tohoku

A newly launched bicycle rental service now allows you to rent an electric bike and cycle around Tohoku's most popular attractions.
Easily rent a bicycle and take your time to admire the wonderful scenery, meet local people and feel the warmth of their kindness.
Explore the region effortlessly even when riding uphill thanks to an electric assist motor.
Don't wait any longer, hop on a bike and set off to discover amazing landscapes through an exciting cycling trip!

Rental Point

Station Map

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Aomori -青森県-

Aomori City -青森市-

Lawson Aomori Yasugata 2chome

Postal code 030-0803
8-1, Yasukata, Aomori


Lawson Shin-Aomori Honcho 3chome

Postal code 030-0802
3-8-14, Honcho, Aomori


Lawson Aomori Honcho

Postal code 030-0802
2-11-9, Honcho, Aomori

Hirosaki -弘前市-

Lawson Hirosaki Koen Mae

Postal code 036-8356
16-3, Shimohakugin-cho, Hirosaki

Takko -田子町-

Takko-machi Garlic Center

Postal code 039-0201
11, Takko, Takko-machi, Sannohe-gun


Iwate -岩手県-

Hiraizumi -平泉町-

Hiraizumi Rest House

Postal code 029-4102
10-7, Sakashita Hiraizum,
Hiraizumi-cho, Nishiiwai-gun


Gold Renta Hiraizumi

Postal code 029-4102
14, Shirayama Hiraizumi,
Hiraizumi-cho, Nishiiwai-gun

Ichinoseki -一関市-

Hotel Sunroute Ichinoseki

Postal code 021-0882
2-37, Kami-ootsuki-kouji, Ichinoseki


Port navigation app that the number of lendable bicycle can be seen immediately

Introduction of popular cycling course

I will introduce a model course suitable for cycling. Please see for the reference of the trip.

How it Works

A. Request a bike at the front desk
  1. ①;Fill in the request form at the front desk of any rental point and register for the Felica member card.
  2. ②Press START on the control panel of the bike and touch the Felica card to the card reader.
    The electronic lock will open automatically.
B. Request a bike online
  1. ①Register using the link below and fill in the member registration form.

    Register (

  1. ②Receive on your phone the password to unlock your bike.

  2. ③Next, push the “start” button and enter the passcode on the device of the bicycle.
    • Next, push the START button and enter the passcode on the device ofthe bicycle.
    • The electric lock will be opened automatically.

How to Use

Temporary stop
  1. ①Dock your bike at any available station and manually lock the rear wheel lock.
  1. ②To unlock the bike again, press START on the control panel then touch your Felica card to the card reader, or reenter the password you used to unlock the bike the first time.
    *A confirmation email will be sent to registered users upon successful docking.
    ①Dock the bike at any of the available station within the designated area and make sure you lock the rear wheel lock.
    ②Press ENTER on the control panel of the bike to complete the return process.
    *A flashing green light on the control panel will indicate you when you are in an area with available docking stations.
    *A confirmation email will be sent to registered users upon returning a bike.
    *Thank you to return the Felica card at a rental point.
How to use an electric bike
  1. ①Press the power button.
  2. ②Please wait for a couple of seconds before pushing the pedals.
  3. *The electric motor will run from the moment you press the power button so please be careful when pedalling.
    *Please check the battery level before using a bike.

Rates and Rental Time

A.Request at the front desk
3 hours ¥500-¥800 (tax included)
1day ¥1,000-¥1,200 (tax included)
*A different rate by the facility
*Lawson is only Online Request.
B.Online Request
3 hours ¥540 (tax included) One day upper limit of ¥1,080 (tax included)
24 hours ¥1,080 (tax included) Of the day until 24:00

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