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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Is there an height or age limit to use a bike?
A.There is no age restriction but you should be at least 145cm tall, and be able to reach the pedals to ride safely.
Q.Is it possible to rent children's bikes?
A.Unfortunately there are no bikes for children. Users must be at least 145cm tall.
Q.Is there a child seat?
A.Unfortunately the bikes are not equipped with child seats.
Q.How can I rent a bike?
A.Register on the website and fill in a bike rental request online.

Find a bike at any available station.

Q.How can I return my bike?
A.To return your bike simply dock it back at any available station, lock the rear wheel manually and press ENTER on the control panel of the bike.
Q.Is it possible to book a bike?
A.You can book a bike on the membership website from 1 hour before you.
Q.Can I cancel my reservation?
A.You can cancel your reservation on the membership website. Also, your reservation will be automatically cancelled if you don't unlock a bike within 1 hour after booking.
Q.Where can I find a bike?
A.You can find the location of the docking stations on the website.

Find a bike at any available station.

Login / Regsiter

Q.Is there any place other than a station where I can return my bike?
A.No. Please make sure to return your bike at a designated station.
Q.What should I do if the electric motor runs out of battery while I'm using a bike?
A.You can use it as a non-electric bike. However, it is important that you return your bike before the battery comletely runs out as you won't be able to return the bike if the battery is empty. Shoud it happen, please call the support center immediately. Please make sure you check the battery level on the panel of the bike before you ride.
Q.How can I check the battery level of my bike?
A.Please turn on the power and check the number indicating the level of battery on the panel of your bike.
Q.Can you replace the battery or the bike if the battery runs out along the way?
A.Unfortunately we can't replace your bike nor the battery as we don't provide such service.
Q.I can't dock my bike back. What should I do?(Error message displayed even after pressing ENTER)
A.Wait about 5 seconds and then try again. If you still can't dock your bike follow the steps below:
(1) Are you in a station within the designated area?
(2) Did you lock the rear wheel?
If you still can't dock, please call the support center.(0120-116-819)
Q.I forgot the 4-digit password. What should I do?
A.The 4-digit password is in the email that was sent earlier when the reservation was been completed. Please check the email again. If you didn't receive the email, or already deleted the email, please call the support center.(0120-116-819)
Q.Because I entered wrong password 3 times, A001 was shown in the control panel of the bike. What sould I do?
A.Wait for few minutes, the control panel will be enterable again. Please enter correct 4-digit password.
Q.What should I do if the following messages appear on the control panel of the bike? E001, E002, E003, A002, A005, A006, A007
A.Unfortunately this means the bike can't be used at the time. Please call the support center.
Q.How can I register?
A.Access the website, enter your name, cellphone number, credit card number...etc, then you can complete the registration process.

Register (

Q.Can I use a bike even if I don't have a credit card?
A.[One Trip / Monthly membership]
If you have a smartphone(NTT DoCoMo contract), you can also use the service with docomo payment.
[1-day pass]
Please purchase it at Ticket Counter.
Q.I didn't reveive any emails after procedure has been completed.
A.Did you set up the junk email filter? If you did, please add "" to the "never send it to spam" list.
Also, if you are rejecting emails with URL, please change such setting.

Q.What are your bussiness hours?
A.Open 24 hours.
Q.How much does this service cost?
A.Please check the rate plan.

Rate plan from here

Q.Can I check my personal ride statistics and the fees?
A.Register on the website and you can check all these information in your Profile Page.
Q.When is the payment deadline?
A.The payment deadline depends on your credit card issuer.
Q.Do you charge any cancellation fee?
A.No, we don't charge any cancellation fee.
Q.What can I do in my Profile Page?
A.You can make a bike rental reservation, search for the bike station, check the parking availability, check rental history, and confirm or change your reservation.
Q.I forgot my ID or password of Profile Page. What can I do?
A.Please access the login page, enter your date of birth and email address to confirm your ID and get new password.
Q.What can I do when bike gets damaged or stolen during the rental period?
A.Please call the support center.(0120-116-819)
Q.What if I am involved in an accident? What can I do?
A.If you get injured, please dial 119 first. Injury is covered by insurance, but there are situations that are not in the coverage. ※Rental fees include insurance.
When the accident happened, please inform us at the earliest appropriate time about the place, date, time, causes and the situation of the accident. If needed, contact the police as well.

Cycle Rental Service [NARA BIKESHARE] , Service Agreement

Nara Bike Share Use of Service Agreement (PDF)

When using a bicycle, please obey "five rules for safe bicycle usage".

  • 1.In principle, bicycles must be used on the road, not on the sidewalk.
  • 2.Ride on the left-hand side of the road.(Riding on the right-hand side of the road is prohibited)
  • 3.Give way to pedestrians when riding on the sidewalk by riding slowly on the side closest to the road.
  • 4.Obey safety rules.
    →Do not ride while under the influence of alcohol.
    →Only one rider per bicycle.
    →Do not ride in parallel.
    →Use a light at night.
    →Obey traffic signals. Stop at traffic signals. Look both ways.
  • 5.Wearing helmet is recommended.
    (Helmets are a requirement for children 13 years or under)

Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Address NTT Toranomon Build. 6F 3-8-8 Minato-ku, Tokyo
CEO Hori Kiyotaka
Web Site
TEL 0120-116-819
Hire Rates We have indicated to the Fee and Rental Time page.
Time of Delivery Member's page and bicycles are available immediately after the completion of registration.
Payment Terms and Methods Basic plan : A fee for use of the use month will be added up, and you pay me from the credit card you registered by deferred payment. The billing date is different depending on each credit card companies.
1 day pass : Please purchase the IC card selling at front desk by advance payment.
Cancellation Please confirm the service term of service.